Dads say: How I felt when my baby was born

Dads say: How I felt when my baby was born


When he was born, I felt just a lot of internal emotions although there wasn’t an outward display just because this is serious. As we learn even today, the baby is there every day, every minute, every hour, and it’s such a responsibility to consider.


I felt really dizzy and faintful, and this was with my first daughter. It was because I felt so much joy and just—I don’t know, kind of fear at the same time.


Very overwhelmed. He finally came. You go nine months waiting. You see him on the sonogram, but now he’s here. You hold him in your hands and hear him cry. Very overwhelming.


It brought tears to my eyes, and it was such joy. It was something that I’d never experienced in my life so it really—it was like a life changing moment.


I was really emotional. I was shocked because it was a new adventure. I’m taking care of another life.


The doctor had asked if I wanted to cut the umbilical cord, and I’d said, “Yes.” At the moment, I was like, “No. Never mind.” I’m shaking. I’m nervous. So I’d said, “You do that instead.” It was an amazing feeling. It was really existential.

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