Your newborn's senses

Your newborn's senses

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When your baby is born, she'll already recognize your voice and smell. Through these senses and others, your baby will begin to bond with you.

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Even before your baby is born, he will be tuning into your voice and other everyday sounds, as well as your movements and the foods you eat. By the time he enters the world he will already recognize your voice and smell. He'll use these senses, combined with the comforting sense of touch, to begin the bonding process.

Most of your baby's senses are well developed at birth, but his sight is still blurry. During your baby's first month, he can focus only about 20 cm to 30 cm away. That's just far enough to clearly make out the face of the person holding him. If you hold him close, he will find your face and expressions fascinating.

By the time your baby is one month or two months old, he'll have learned to focus his eyes. This means he can follow a toy if you move it around in front of him. Your baby can see color, but he can't tell the difference between similar tones such as red and orange. That's why he'll enjoy looking at black and white or high-contrast colored toys.

The more your baby experiences, the more his brain will be able to make these connections. Over time, he'll build up his understanding of the world, and he’ll begin to use this information to guide the way he thinks and acts.

You are your baby’s first play mate, and should be able to provide all the stimulation he needs – at least in the early days. Cuddling him and making faces; talking to him; singing rhymes and reading stories; giving him objects to feel and explore are all rich sources of stimulation for a young baby.

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