Pregnancy stretch marks

Pregnancy stretch marks

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Stretch marks during pregnancy
As your body grows and changes, you may notice small depressed streaks on your skin. These could be stretch marks. At least half of pregnant women get stretch marks during their pregnancy.

What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks are caused by changes in the elastic supportive tissue lying just below the skin. You might notice them around your abdomen later in pregnancy, when your belly is expanding and changing to accommodate your growing baby. You might also see them on your buttocks, thighs, hips, and breasts.

What will increase my odds of getting stretch marks?
Genetics will increase your odds. If your mother or sister got stretch marks, you're more likely to get them too. Your chances of getting stretch marks will also increase if you're carrying twins or more babies, or if you're having a large baby.

Can I prevent stretch marks?
Many creams, lotions, and concoctions claim to prevent stretch marks, but there is no proof that they work.

Can I get rid of my stretch marks after my baby is born?
Stretch marks will fade over time, but usually don't go away completely. After your baby is born, you can talk to a dermatologist about topical medications or laser treatments that might make them less noticeable. But try to think of these marks as an emblem of what you've achieved by carrying and giving birth to your baby.

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