Baby sleep: Tips for napping

Baby sleep: Tips for napping

Baby sleep: Tips for napping

Babies nap 2 to 4 times a day in their first year. At 3 to 4 months, many babies are ready for a nap schedule.

Tip #1: Read the signs

Rubbing eyes or pulling on ears, fussiness. Noting when you see these signs will help you plan your baby's naps.

Tip #2: Schedule

Schedule naps for the same time and duration each day. (When you can – life happens.)

Tip #3: Noise is OK…

No need to tiptoe around – your baby can handle household sounds.

Tip #4: Try a nap ritual

A story, a song, and a kiss.

Tip #5: Skip the pj's

Your baby can nap in anything that's soft and comfy.

Tip #6: Quiet time before naps

Avoid loud and stimulating play just before nap time.

Tip #7: Set up a sleeping spot

Have your baby sleep in the same place for naps as at night. Place your baby on his back on a firm mattress. Clear out toys, blankets, and pillows.

Tip #8: Pack it

Pack books, blankets, and familiar nap tools to encourage napping away from home.

Tip #9: Don't delay

An overtired baby can be harder to soothe to sleep

Naps can be tricky, but consistency is key… You've got this!

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