Family picnic: Nesting Story (Episode 5)

Family picnic: Nesting Story (Episode 5)

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Mike: Ready?

Everly: No.

Mike: Not ready?

Everly: Yeah!

Joanna: Oh, my gosh.

You're makin' her go so fast!

Hi, it's Joanna, and welcome to our Saturday!

So today our family wanted to invite you on a picnic with us.

We recently realized that whenever we went for a picnic in the past, it was always with family or friends, but we never really go on picnics with just our family.

So it's a beautiful Saturday morning, and we want to take advantage of the weather, and we're not gonna go for a meal.

What we're gonna do is bring snacks.

And I thought it would be really fun for the kids to each pack their own snacks.

I'll show you what I've done.

Joanna: So, I've set up an area. I've got four lunch boxes.

This is probably more fun for our 3-year-olds, 'cause they don't get to bring lunch boxes anywhere.

We've got –

Mia: I wanna bring this one.

Joanna: Yeah?

Mia: I want that one.

Joanna: You want Batman?

Okay, she's gonna be Batman.

So I've cut up a bunch of vegetables and fruit.

I've got four containers ready and then some bags, which I'll load up with their choice of a treat.

Here, Everly, this is yours.

Everly: This one is?

Joanna: S, we are gonna start loading up snacks right now.

Everly, can you put some fruit in there, please?

What do you want to choose?

Okay, so, Mia, close it and put it in your bag.

Mia: My water bottle is in it?

Joanna: We will put – your water bottle is already in there.

Okay, so put that in your bag.

Mia: Oh, my water bottle is in it.

Joanna: Put that in there.

And then what kind of treat do you want?

Popcorn or veggie chips?

Mia: Um.

Both of them.

Joanna: Both of them mixed?

Mia: I'm gonna get this one.

Joanna: And then once you're done packing that, you're gonna put it in the blue bag with Daddy's, and then put your shoes on, okay?

Okay, now pack them in here.

Can you fit them?

Mia: I can't fit one like this.

Joanna: Well, let's put this one in first.


Mia, can you put it in here, please?

Okay, pack yours away.

Mia: I'm gonna hold this.

Joanna: You want to hold it?

Okay, but you can not open it until we get there.

Mike: So put it up on the counter. And then we will put it there, we'll grab it when we put our things on.

Mia: I want to hold it.

Joanna: Okay, you can hold it, but if you open it then we have to put it in the bag, okay?

Mia: Okay.

Everly: I only want the orange.

Joanna: You just want one orange?

You're gonna get hungry.

I think you should put more in there.

I think you need a little more.

Holden: That's all she's gonna have, just one slice of orange?

Joanna: Do you want two slices of orange?

Should we put them like this?

Beau: You want some popcorn or anything?

Joanna: That's what you want?

Okay, let's close it.

Okay, put it in here. Now what do you want?

Popcorn, veggie chips, or a mix?

Everly: Mixed.

Joanna: Mixed them.

Beau: I'm gonna mix.

Everly: Stop it!

Beau: I'm tickling you!

Joanna: Can you pack your bag now?

Mike: Here, Everly, you wanna put it in the bag?

Everly: No.

Joanna: But you can't open it, okay?

Okay, so next is Beau.

Okay, what are you gonna pack in here?

Beau: I'm packing apples.

Joanna: Make sure you remember Holden goes after you, so you gotta leave some for him.


Holden: I'm not having any apples.

Joanna: Oh, he's not having any apples. So do you want the rest of the apples?

Beau: Sure, I'll have all of the apples.

Mike: Did somebody bring me apples?

Beau: I have apples, and I'll have a mix of those.

Joanna: A mix of these?

Okay, zip it up!

Are you carrying it or putting it in the bag?

Beau: I'm putting it in my backpack.

Joanna: What would you like?

Holden: This is a pepper.

Everly: I go pee, Mommy.

Mommy, I go pee.

Joanna: Good girl.

Holden: Well, maybe one more pepper.

Joanna: Okay, and then what do you want?

Veggie chips, popcorn, or a mix?

Holden: Just popcorn.

Joanna: Okay, here you go!

Can you pack yours up, please?

And we're off!

So our beautiful day is getting kind of overcast, so hopefully we can have this picnic before any rain moves in.

Joanna: Okay, snack time, everyone get your snacks!

Beau: I'll get them!

Joanna: Come on, Everly, come have your snacks.

Come on guys, just quick, okay, just quick!

Just come sit for one minute and just have a snack.

Mike: Soccer ball!

Joanna: Is that for you and Mia?

Mike: Put it in the net!

Just kick it!

Okay, Everly, kick it to Mia!


Come on, Everly!

All right, let's pack up, guys.

Holden: I need someone to spin me.

Mia: I wanna do that!

Mommy, can you spin me around?

Joanna: Yep, I can spin you.

Ready? Whee!

Mike: Ready?

You're not ready?

Joanna: Oh, my gosh, you're makin' her go so fast!

Hold on, let her walk.

Ooh, too spinny!

I think he just likes torturing the kids.

Mike: Go walk over there.

Joanna: Holden, maybe hold on to them. You got it?

Mike: I'm not going to spin them crazy.

Joanna: Yeah, not too fast, guys.

Mia: I'm done.

Mike: You're done?


Joanna: Yeah, you both like it.

That's funny.

Mike: You ready?

Joanna: That's a sensory-seeking thing, eh?

Everly: Done!

Joanna: She's done, she's done!

Hold on to her.

You okay, sweetie?

Just wait, you're not going up top just yet.

Mike: That's gonna hurt.

Beau: No, it isn't.

Mike: Yeah, I think it is.

Go, go, go!

That is a squeaky slide.

Now hold on.

Hold on!

You're goin' on an elevator.


That's a big drop, though.


Beau: Okay, this is it.

One, two, buckle my shoe.

So this is her secret?

Joanna: Okay, that's a wrap.

It was a successful picnic and park outing.

Right, Beau?

So we will see you guys soon.

Mike: Come on, Mia!

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I'll see you guys soon.


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