Autumn bouquet of flowers I

Autumn bouquet of flowers I

The children's crafts they are always the best pastime for the little ones. Children can develop their imagination and intellectual development and have a good time is family. Guiainfantil proposes different alternatives to make different children's crafts. A creative and easy craft with which children will transform a few autumn leaves in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, to give as a gift or to add a touch of color and warmth to your home during the coldest times of the year. To assemble this bouquet of flowers it is necessary to gather:

- Medium or large leaves of different shades of colors.
- Dark colored thread.

1- Choose the largest sheet and fold it in half.
2- After bending it, you have to roll the sheet, from one end to the other, forming a joint.
3- Arrange the tube on another sheet (as indicated in the photo).
4- Repeat the same process, folding the sheet around the tube.
5- Next, roll the leaf around the tube as if it were petals.
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Source consulted:
- Children's Land

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