A gifted child does not feel fewer emotions than others

A gifted child does not feel fewer emotions than others

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There are many misconceptions about people with high intelligence. Thanks to the doctoral thesis presented at the University of Murcia by Marta Sainz Gómez, the mistaken idea that gifted children show fewer social-emotional skills was contested and contested.

There are many ideas that people have about giftedness. Many think that being gifted is lucky and that a child who is gifted does not need help at all. They also think that by being gifted, a child is already guaranteed success in his future. On the other hand, they believe that their high level of intelligence makes them very vulnerable when it comes to emotions. What many do not know is that these ideas go totally against the truth and reality of gifted children.

The doctoral thesis mentioned at the beginning refutes that the gifted feel less emotions than others. In fact, their research work indicates that in terms of the relationships between creativity and intelligence levels, the data show that gifted students present their creative work and productions in a more elaborate way, with greater perfectionism and organization. Children of high intelligence (with a CI above 130-140) are different from children of medium and low intelligence in their greater awareness, openness and emotional stability, although this does not mean that their emotional balance is below the the rest. The study shows that the gifted have greater adaptability, better stress management and better mood. Child giftedness is a pending issue in all respects, in the legislation and in the curricula. Educators are needed who have training in the subject, an offer of special educational and integration plans, and that parents obtain knowledge on how to act in the event that they have a gifted child.Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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