Video: Tips for the Bedwetting Child

Video: Tips for the Bedwetting Child

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Bedwetting is the medical term for involuntary urination in children. Daytime or nocturnal enuresis is when a child, the age when he should be able to control his bladder, cannot control urination and either pees on himself or in bed. It is a problem that affects between 1 and 2 of every 100 adolescent children.

There are two types of enuresis: nocturnal, in which the child wets the bed; and secondary, which is a condition that develops at least 6 months after learning to control the bladder. The first is the most frequent.

To get our son to start and finally manage to control his pee at night, we can follow some useful tips:

- We must restrict the amount of fluids: the child should not drink liquids or take foods that are too soupy, such as soup, or too salty, approximately two hours before going to bed. To compensate, they must drink a lot of fluids during the other hours of the day.

- We must accustom them to having the habit of going to the bathroom to empty their bladder before going to bed.

- It will be very useful to teach them to perform bladder training exercises, that is, to interrupt the stream of urine intermittently when they go to the bathroom. Likewise, it is advisable that the child who always presents an urgency when going to the bathroom, learns to hold a little and that the one who hardly goes to the bathroom during the day, tries to evacuate the urine every two hours approximately.

- The use of absorbent diapers, briefs and briefs is a very wise idea. There is a great variety on the market.

- The child must be responsible for washing their panties or underpants in the washing machine, as well as wet sheets when there are leaks, to take responsibility for themselves.

- Lastly, if the triggering factor for enuresis is known, it must be addressed without delay. With these tips, and our support and patience, our child will be able to achieve night urine control.

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