Why are children the center of the world?

Why are children the center of the world?

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This week I read a chronicle that reminded me of one of the controversial and timely lectures by the head of minors in Granada, Emilio Calatayud. The father agreed to the son's demands and promised that as soon as they reached the destination of the trip, he would. And if he did not find open stores, that the next day, no more getting up, he would go to find a store to buy the "blessed" charger.

My mother, or rather saying, my father, something does not fit in this movie. The roles are literally changing. If cases like this we can see not only in an airport, but also in a restaurant, in shopping centers, at the door of schools, at home. Children yelling, demanding, refusing, and even blackmailing parents, with yelling, tantrums, tantrums, and God knows better with what. It's a shame but, as Calatayud says, we have stopped being slaves of our parents to be slaves of our children. This of children and parents has gotten out of hand.

For a child, and I mean one of three, four, five years of age, to eat the soup, many parents try to reason with him, and the same when the child has to do what he supposes to be his duty. I wonder where is the authority and respect. If today's parents are limited to just being colleagues and friends of their children. The child, because he is small, climbs on the restaurant table. Because he is small, nothing happens if he slaps his mother, and thus a series of situations without any control. And of course, how small he is, he has the right to decide what he wants to eat, to dress, to watch on TV. And since today's parents are away from home a lot because of work, they feel obliged to make up for their absence by buying everything their children ask for. If it is a PC, an internet connection, a wii, a nintendo, an Ipod, a television for the room, and when they find out they can no longer have any control over their children and not demand respect from them, we have lost the north. We don't have to keep our children entertained because they get bored. Children do not have to be the center of the world. I think we should teach them to be more sensitive to other realities. We should educate them to have another perspective on life. That they look more to others and not only to their interests and desires. That they are not the center of the world. That the world is much bigger than his own person, and you will ask me, how to do that? Well I think, like everything, with examples. I believe that we, the parents, must change and regain our role. Create commitments and know stories of other people, of other cultures, and not lock ourselves only in our world of "stability". The world, the people, the knowledge, mix quickly. We must learn from it, get involved in the needs of others, and thus better educate our children.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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